bbin客户端下载。ipad,Sweet and Juicy Yangmei Sees Early Harvest in June

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bbin客户端下载。ipad,Sweet and Juicy Yangmei Sees Early Harvest in June

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作者:zhu jingning

sweet and juicy, as for fruit in early summer, yangmei (waxberry) is indispensable to hangzhou people.

zhejiang is an original place of yangmei with a long history of cultivation and leading techniques. the mature period of the whole province this year is about one week earlier than usual, and it is estimated that the output will be 600,000 tons, and the output value will exceed rmb 4.5 billion.

recently, the zhejiang province agricultural product quality supervision center has carried out special monitoring on yangmei's quality and safety in the main production areas and tested 60 batches of waxberry products with a 100% qualified rate. so you may just set your heart at ease while eating!

dominated cultivars in hangzhou are chufa荸荠种, dongkui东魁, zaose早色, and chise迟色. among them, the chufa yangmei in yuyao is close to purplish-black when it matures and has a small core and rich flesh with high sweetness. and one single xianju dongkui yangmei is as large as a table tennis ball and has tight and juicy flesh.

although it tastes delicious, please do not overeat. yangmei has warm nature and it is easy to get people inflamed when eating too much.



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